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Complex Web Projects




Websites developed without a strategy of their usage do not earn money for the company

80% of websites just exist and don’t support the development of business

Сайты разработанные без стратегии их использования не приносят деньги в компанию

80% сайтов потом просто “есть” и не помогают росту бизнесу

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Our cases

Eapteka Israel order and delivery of medicines from Israel


Why is it NECESSARY to consider
the complex strategy while developing a website?


The actual needs of business are not taken into account

Website is developed for its mere existance. Designers and developers do not consider your actual business needs – they just create a website.


The lack of marketing analysis

In 80% of cases there is a value understanding of the target audience. It seems that it will bring money to the business, but in fact it doesn’t. In fact, the site fails to earn any money for the business.


The advertising expenses increase

The site without a carefully designed structure and effective texts reduces the productive impact of advertising, so the company has to pay more for each customer.


There is no integration with CRM system

You lose contact with potential customers and databases for further advertising.

We develop a tool for the company's growth, not just another useless picture!

Guarantee conversion

We will come up with a “sales funnel”, write a powerful selling messages and customize advertising so you get more relevant requests.

All device adaptation

We will make the site quick and easy to download and work on any device. 100% adaptation for smartphones and tablets.

User Friendly design

It will take the users of the site just a second to find anything to meet their needs

To develop a profitable website, it is necessary to figure out the strategy of its usage befoehand.

Web analytics

To make it easy to track site statistics and the results of using the Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

What do you get by developing a website with Business Helper?

Marketing strategy

We’ll analyze the market, competitors and your potential customers before we start the development of the site by carrefully setting the goals and working out the road map on their implementation. 

Powerful messages

We`ll consider the structure of the site and create texts to motivate potential customers to perform the desired action: send the application, make the order, leave a contact.

Unique and catchy design

Without template solutions, in your corporate colors. We will create a convenient website design that will increase your image to make it instantly recognizable at the market.

Optimized site

The site will be quickly downloaded on PCs and mobile devices. Also we will provide the basic SEO optimization for further promotion in Google and configure the admin panel to edit the content of the site easily.

Tracking tools

We will set up the necessary services, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel so you could see in real time how the new site earns money.

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Why are we trusted to develop the site?

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We sign a contract before starting work with you

So that you do not worry that we will disappear in the process, miss the deadline or develop a poorly designed website.

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Have a project in mind?

Tell us about your business goals and our experience will help you achieve them!

We are keen on interesting, complex web projects that help businesses grow.

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